Wiseguy Suspenders

Wiseguy Suspenders are made of the best materials and assembled by hand. These exclusive braces give you the chance to make a statement!

At Wiseguy Suspenders, however, it's definitely not just about functionality but also about making you feel at your best as a brace wearer. For example, Wiseguy Suspenders can be worn perfectly on formal occasions such as weddings, but the braces definitely don't look out of place with a casual outfit either. Wiseguy Suspenders was founded by Marc Spits in Singapore when he was 80 years old because he could not find suitable braces. In the meantime Marc's son Mike and his team have taken the responsibility to further develop the Wiseguy Suspenders.



As E.L. Cravatte we are the proud distributor of Wiseguy Suspenders for Europe. Besides the sales through our webshops we like to get in touch with (offline) retailers who are interested in introducing their customers to these unique braces! We will be happy to tell you more about the assortment, margins and cooperation possibilities. We notice that especially the leather braces are very impressive and very distinctive in the market. Of course we make sure that the exclusivity of the braces is guarded.

Wiseguy Suspenders is also the right address for custom braces. Materials (e.g. leather or canvas) can be used, parts and colours can be combined as desired and you can create your unique brace! For example, for use in better-known catering establishments, this gives a unique opportunity to be distinctive with these braces.

For more information about the cooperation possibilities, please contact us.